A participatory performance on the transgenerational traumas of the Holocaust and the Second World War, POST•M has been staged indoors at the Mahaney Center for the Arts in Middlebury College and outdoors in parks, gardens, streets and universities in Paris and Saint-Denis (France). Placing the audience at the center of the scenic action, the performance is developed through a series of interactions that modify the landscape through the installation of a yarn web and the live writing of texts on a typewriter. What is community? What is personal responsibility, and what is collective responsibility? How do you weave relationships across generations, from one place to another?

A production by inoutput, with the support of the Université de Paris 8 FSDIE, of the Middlebury College Dance Department and of La Mandragola
Directed by Nerina Cocchi | With Alena Giesche, Andrea Messana, Viviane Irina Neumann, Heather Pynne, Maria Zamino | Production assistant and lighting design: Heather Pynne | Photography by Andrea Messana