MNF 2016

inoutput was at the Royal Library of Belgium for the 2016 Museum Night Fever in Brussels. You could enjoy two poles of activities that evening: to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the legal deposit, the Book Tower (the reserves) was exceptionally open to the public for the site-specific soundscape path. The audience walked along the shelves, where are conserved collections of Belgian heritage. There, they could hear books "speaking" and discovered the magical universe that "sleeps" day after day at the heart of Brussels. On the other hand, the more dynamic participants got their jolt of adrenaline at the Book Olympics: there, they could build the tallest book tower, throw books as far as possible, guess as many book titles as possible in 2 minutes...

Based on an original idea by Andrea Messana and Nerina Cocchi, with the collaboration of the personnel of the Royal Library of Belgium
Voices: Fakr Eddine Hamouda, Marie-Christine Orsini, Marc Appelmans, Julie Bouniton, Vanessa Braekeveld, Nerina Cocchi, Sarah De Heusch Ribassin, Yves De Preter, Claudio Di Benedetto, Colin Dupont, Michel Fincoeur, Andrea Forti, Sandra Godfroid, Louise Heem, Hanna Huysegoms, Nathaël Istasse, Maxime Jeune, Justine Katz, Thomas Kellner, Frédéric Lavis, Joël Lempereur, Jean-Louis Libert, Manuel Loría, Ragnhild Lunnan, Anne Mahieu, Amandine Mathy, Sonja Matthijs, Andrea Messana, Christophe Meurée, Patrizia Rebulla, Sébastien Regniers, Nancy Riemkens, Fabien Ribassin, Anne Richard, Fabien Sansterre, Kay Sarot, Ira J. Schiffer, Ummée Shah, Alain Smeets, Wouter Stevens, Lennart Van Damme, Jacqueline Van Driessche, Erwin van Wesemael, Jan Verhoeven, Carine Versarui, Véronique Wese