Ni una más

Ni una más is a monologue about violence against women which, for once, tackles the theme not from the victim’s point of view, but from the perspective of someone close to the victim. Cesca, a physiotherapist in a women’s shelter, is devastated by the killing of her friend and former patient Luisa, beaten to death by her ex-partner. Cesca asks herself if, by killing him, she might find again a meaning in her life. Framed by a prologue of voices collected on the street and an epilogue giving a new meaning to statistics, Ni una más skillfully uses the visual universe to stage a story that, like an ancient tragedy, transposes the singular experience into the realm of the universal, and, as such, haunts the spectator well beyond the theatre.

An inoutput production with the support of 76 donors via KissKissBankBank, in collaboration with La MaMa Umbria International and La Mandragola
A play by Mia Parissi | Directed by Nerina Cocchi | With Giovanna Scardoni | Set design by Andrea Messana and Giulia Pecorari | Costumes by Giulia Pecorari | Music by Davide Fensi | Virtual Orchestration and sounds by Michele Busdraghi | Photography by Andrea Messana, with the friendly support of Marco Borrelli
Performed in Italy in 2013: Teatro Miela in Trieste as guests of Istituto Livio Saranz and Coordinamento donne SPI - Cgil del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Cantiere Oberdan in Spoleto for the La MaMa Spoleto Open Festival, Teatro Camploy in Verona as guests of the Gender Equality Commission of the Provincia di Verona in collaboration with the Theatre Art Verona Festival.