Tales of Women Adventurers

Nerina Cocchi was the 2020-21 artist-in-residence at Centre Culturel de Jette, a cultural center in Brussels, Belgium. Within this context, she developed a writing-based project aimed at opening up women's life experiences to the public space.

The project started with conversations: regularly meeting with four women living in this neighborhood, Nerina listened to them and collected part of their lifestories. Freely drawing inspiration, she then, through an in situ, open air, improvisational writing process, wrote four speculative fiction short stories.

Recording each of them, these tales are now available along four urban trails (balades Nord, Est, Sud, Centre) around Jette. Through QR codes, the audience is able to walk and discover the stories through podcasts.

To celebrate this delicate yet transformative project, Centre Culturel de Jette published the stories in an illustrated volume. This book brings together the four stories written in the residency's framework, as well as a fifth bonus short story, and features illustrations by Rosalie Schwindenhammer and Caroline Vermeulen (VML).

A project by Centre Culturel de Jette and inoutput, with the support of a "Un futur pour la culture" grant by Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles.
Writing, sound editing and project development: Nerina Cocchi | Project development and coordination: Tamara Pierno | Recording/Voices: Alice Mottoul and Ummée Shah | (Editing, Trailing...) Assistant: Rosalie Schwindenhammer | Illustrations : Rosalie Schwindenhammer and Caroline Vermeulen (VML) | Communication and graphic design: Caroline Vermeulen