the wARdrobe

Premiere on Dec. 1st, 2020 in the "Decisive Moments in History" program at Lyceum Club Internazionale di Firenze

the wARrobe is an opera-film telling the story of Natasha, a woman in her 20s, as she empties the apartment of her recently deceased grandmother Irina. Told from the perspective of Ar the wARdrobe, this opera shows how the "rules for a successful living" are passed down from one generation of women to the next, and how change, whatever it may be, is difficult to be enacted.

When Ar learns that he will be sold after over a century of faithful service, he reveals a family secret that explains the tensions between Natasha and her mother Ondina, and Natasha's difficulties with men. Will Ar manage (and Natasha with him) to dive into the "well of dreams" and to live a new adventure (without the weights of he dos and don'ts of his former life)?

A film by inoutput, inspired by a final MMus project at the Royal Academy of Music (London)
Music by Davide Fensi | Libretto by Nerina Cocchi | Video and Editing by Daniel Pinheiro | With Juliette Salmon, Iacopo Bruno and Ginevra Martini | Ar's voice sung by Gabriele Spina | Music played by the Ensemble de Angelis (Elena Pruneti, Pierpaolo Romani, Andrea Pennati, Stefania Scapin, Federico Conte, Nazareno Caputo, Lidia Alonso, Ferdinando Romano) conducted by Simone Ori assisted by Michele Sarti | Sound Editing and Mixing: Michele Busdraghi | Photography by Andrea Messana