W.O.K. 01

“w.o.k. in ConCreta 2011” is the first of a series of workshops dedicated to the reinterpretation of the visual arts through movement improvisation. Developing a dialogue between body and work of art, three artists explored in an intimate and visceral way the works of Claudio Carrieri, Guido De Zan, Mariano Fuga, Tonino Negri, Bianca Piva and Rachel Rivière exhibited at Palazzo Pretorio in Certaldo for art ceramic exhibit ConCreta 2011. Instead of describing the work with words, what happens when we translate the sculptures’ colors, lines and rhythms into movements?

An inoutput workshop, in collaboration with the “Gulliver – Terre d’Autore” Gallery
With Nerina Cocchi, Valeria Cosi and Allison Grimaldi Donahue, photography by Andrea Messana