We are very excited to invite you to the launching of our project “A Map is not a Territory” that we’ll develop in collaboration with Centre Culturel de Jette “L’Armillaire” throughout the upcoming year: you can join us on Monday 29th August in rue Henri Werrie (Jette, Brussels) from 10am to 5pm, during the Grand MarchĂ© Annuel de Jette!

Come discover our new video installation as well as answer some questions revolving around being a (single, or not!) parent nowadays!

For more information, or to sign up to the workshops: direction@jette.be

A projet with the support of the Thalie Art Foundation, COCOF and the municipality of Jette, in collaboration with CafĂ© des Mamans, Bibliojette, l’Abordage, les Mamans Mpangus, Fleur du Soleil, Espace Femmes de Jette, le projet Interquartier.