Work in progress - currently on loan at Studio Étangs Noirs (Brussels) / Wooshing Machine

CODE is a flexible and modular labyrinth in which photography, performance and music interact with one another and with the audience. A site-specific installation, CODE is created anew in every city hosting the project through a visual and sound-based exploration of the urban landscapes and/or surrounding rural territories (1month minimum). Its walls are transparent black and white pictures, and in the structure are played improvisational scores involving 5 performers, 2 live musicians and 1 live lighting designer who code and decode the various levels of the everyday, its space and relationships. CODE offers moments between the playful, the magical and the extraordinary, and leads the audience towards a continuous movement, constantly modifying our gaze, attention and ear towards what surrounds us.

With the support of la Fabrique de Théâtre - Centre des Arts Scéniques du Hainaut, of Centre Culturel Le Senghor, and Ecole Nationale des Arts "Arts2."
Conceived by Andrea Messana | Directed by Nerina Cocchi | Music by Davide Fensi and Michele Busdraghi | With the support of Karine Ponties | With: Ares d'Angelo, Eric Domeneghetty, Stefan Ghisbain, Guillaume Jacobs, Aurore Van Dam